Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It snowed!!

It snowed in SC!!! We woke up on Tuesday morning to wonderful snow falling. It was very light and only stuck in certain places, but it was so pretty! We got a 2 hour delay for work and all the schools were closed. By the afternoon, there was no sign of this snow, the warm sun came out and melted it all away. :(

2009 Goal: Read 50 Books

Through my online book club at The Nest, I am challenging myself to read 50 books this year. So far I have read 7 and am starting 8. I even got Jonathan trying too. We keep up with our books at

Using my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

This is my favorite purchase ever!! YUMMY mashed potatoes!!!!

Lemon Yogurt Cake

Jonathan loves lemon and I saw this cake on the Barefoot Contessa (one of my fav shows on Food Network). It looked easy so I gave it a try. It was super easy and so good. It was really moist and had just enough lemon flavor. I even got to use my stand mixer!!! Here is the recipe:

Man's Meal: Steak and Potatoes

Jonathan and I made dinner the other night together. The potatoes were coated in oil and baked with spices. The yellow is caused by the tumeric, which I learned turned everything yellow: the pan, the floor where I dropped one, my hands, my jeans where I wiped my get the picture. We used a Calagry seasoning on the steak and even with pan frying it (I like grilling but you have to have a grill to do that), the steaks turned out really juicy and really good.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Ok, I have not had a good few weeks in the kitchen. I had some extra time on my hands with the holidays and a lot of new recipes to try. Well they turned out into epic fails!! I ruined jerk chicken pasta and butter chicken. Let's hope for better luck in the coming weeks!!


The ladies on the What's Cooking Board on The Nest recently discussed the issue of copyrights after a cooking magazine contacted one of them about their blog. Apparently you are not allowed to re-write a recipe even if you do it word for word. From now on, if the recipe is from offline then I will just do a link to that recipe, if it is from one of my cookbooks, I will let you know the book. You can always send me a message and I will be happy to email it to you (that would just be like passing a recipe on to a co-worker, right?). Anyways, I'll still be cooking no mater what!