Thursday, March 19, 2009

I was featured!!!!

This is my first bit of exposure and I am really excited!! My napkin rings were featured on Tip Junkie, which is a great blog containing all kinds of crafts and inspiration. Hopefully this will just be the begining!! :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Flower Napkin Rings

While out shopping this weekend I ran across some napkin rings made out of flowers. They were so cute and quite expensive, so I decided to make my own. I went into my closet, pulled out the extra flowers from making the topiary (see below) and went to work. All it took was cutting the stems apart, getting rid of the leaves, bend stem into a circle and secure with flower tape. So simple and so cute!! They look great with my easter egg napkins!


I love bright colors! and this topiary feeds that addiction. It was so easy to make too! All you need are: silk flowers, Styrofoam balls and piece for flower pot, flower pot, dowel rod, hot glue, paint (for dowel)

Paint your dowel in the color of your choice (I picked light green)

Glue flowers into styrofoam ball, completely covering but leave a place to insert dowel.

After dowel is dried place into styrofoam in the flower pot (hot glue to stay in place)

Use the leaves from the flower stems to cover bottom along with another flower of your choice.

Poke hole into ball, fill with hot glue, place onto dowel to set.

and your done!!

Spring has Sprung!

It has been rainy here the past few days, but just earlier this week it was defintely spring! The buds were forming on the trees, my flowers were bright and reaching for the sun. It was just wonderful!!! I can't wait for full blown spring and summer. I am trying to incorporate as many of these bright colors into our home as possible. But how can you have a bad day when the sun is so warm and shiny??

Spot of Tea?

I got this idea off of One Pretty Thing. This was completely free as well! I went into the kitchen cabinet found a tea cup and saucer (that have never been used) and put some silk flowers I had into them. Free, easy, and a cute way to update a room.


Go to that blog! She is having a great giveaway and look around, there are tons of ideas and inspirations!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009